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Advanced Lighting Technologies Element:
Project 2.2
LED Task Light Utilizing New Materials to Reduce Thermal Stress on High Brightness LEDs

he goal of this project is to accelerate the use of energy efficient light emitting diode (LED) technology for general lighting applications by developing a task lamp utilizing high brightness LEDs in a consumer acceptable light fixture, and utilizing new materials that have high thermal conductivity that will enhance lifetime and performance of the LEDs.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is leading the research and development work for this project.

The objectives of this project are to:

  • Develop a thermally conductive substrate onto which LEDs are mounted that enhances the operation of LEDs at high power loadings while maintaining highest performance and reliability of the LED.
  • Incorporate the latest developments in LED, phosphor and micro-optics, to achieve the highest system performance.
  • Design, prototype and transfer technology to luminaire manufacturers for the production of a commercial grade LED task light with efficiency equal to or greater than comparable incandescent and CFL luminaires.

LED Task Light Utilizing New Materials to Reduce Thermal Stress on High Brightness LEDs

This project meets the PIER goal of improving the energy cost/value of California's Electricity by accelerating the introduction of a more efficient light source as a replacement for today's inefficient incandescent and comparable compact fluorescent task lamps. This project also develops an enabling technology that will have a significant impact on LED technology, accelerating the applicability of this energy efficient technology to broad range applications in solid state lighting.

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Updated October 29, 2004