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Funded by California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program
Lighting Research Program

Over 23 percent of the electricity used in California is for lighting. In commercial space, five percent of the electricity used for air conditioning eliminates heat generated by lighting. Improving lighting efficiency has both direct and indirect benefits. Studies have shown that the potential exists to reduce typical lighting energy use and peak demand by up to 50 percent by the year 2020, while improving the quality of lighting to the end user. The results of the research from this Program are needed to reach these goals.

The LRP encompasses five technical elements that include 15 lighting research and three market connection projects. The program spans both residential and commercial sectors, as well as outdoor lighting associated with buildings.

Project information is updated as available and listed under the following Elements. To view information about specific projects, click either on the Element icons located in the left navigation bar or the below links.

Element 2: Advanced Lighting Technologies - LEDs for exterior, task, and low profile applications.

Element 3: Demand Responsive Lighting - fluorescent dimming, load shedding technology, and photocells for classrooms.

Element 4: Advanced Lighting Luminaires and Systems - hotel bathroom lighting controls/fixtures, ENERGY STAR residential fixtures, retrofit E-E downlight systems, portable office lighting, and integrated classroom lighting.

Element 5: Lighting Performance Metrics, Codes & Standards - bilevel stairwell lighting, HID electronic ballasts, outdoor parking lot lighting, and DALI.

Element 6: Market Connection - crosscutting market connection activities, design tools, and codes & standards work.

The Lighting Research Program Elements consists of one administrative element and five technical elements:

Element 1. Program Administration
Element 2. Advanced Lighting Technologies
Element 3. Demand Responsive Lighting Systems
Element 4. Advanced Lighting Luminaires & Systems
Element 5. Lighting Performance Metrics, Codes & Standards
Element 6. Market Connection



LRP - helping create new lighting technologies and products.

Advanced Lighting Technologies | Demand Responsive Lighting Systems
Advanced Lighting Luminaires and Systems | Lighting Performance Metrics, Codes and Standards | Market Connection

Updated April 14, 2006