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Funded by California Energy Commission's Public Interest Energy Research (PIER) Program
Advanced Packaged Rooftop Unit

Research conducted under NBI PIER Element 4, Integrated Design of Small Commercial HVAC Systems, (Commission Contract 400-99-012) produced performance guidance for designers and operators on ways to improve the efficiency and operations of small package HVAC units. Many of these improvements could be integrated into a new "advanced" unit that would directly address performance and market impact objectives.

Current News:   

  • The Advanced Rooftop Unit (ARTU) has completed laboratory testing at the Refrigeration and Thermal Test Center at Southern California Edison.
  • The ARTU testing was done on a 5 ton, Carrier Centurian model that already had some of the advanced features including diagnostics that were to be tested.
  • Field Diagnostic Services, Inc. provided the diagnostic features for testing.
  • A draft report on the test results should be available in late October.
  • When the final report is complete, the results will be broadcast nationally to  the Air conditioning Contractors Association, Air Conditioning Refrigeration Institute, American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy, the Consortium for Energy Efficiency,  Energy Star, the entire HVAC manufacturing industry, related organizations, and within the California energy policy and standards framework.

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