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REM/Rate™ is a user-friendly, yet highly sophisticated, residential energy analysis, code compliance and rating software developed specifically for the needs of HERS providers.

REM/Rate™ software calculates heating, cooling, hot water, lighting, and appliance energy loads, consumption and costs for new and existing single and multi-family homes. Climate data is available for cities and towns throughout North America. As a home energy rating tool, REM/Rate™ meets the following requirements:

  • Calculates energy loads, consumption and costs as well as sizes mechanical equipment and performs automatic CABO Model Energy Code, ASHRAE 90.2 and International Energy Conservation Code compliance analysis.
  • Complies with National Home Energy Rating Standards as promulgated by Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET®).

In addition to energy rating, REM/Rate™ creates the following value-added information:

  • energy efficient mortgage report
  • energy appraisal addendum
  • energy code compliance (MEC, ASHRAE and IECC)
  • utility bill analysis with weather normalization (existing homes)
  • improvement analysis (existing homes)
  • design optimization (new homes)
  • heating and cooling equipment sizing
  • utility DSM compliance analysis
  • 2005 EPACT Tax Credit Certification
  • U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR® v2.0, v2.5 and v3.0 Home analysis

REM/Rate™ operates in Windows and has many unique features including a simplified input procedure, extensive component libraries, automated energy efficient improvement analysis, duct conduction and leakage analysis, latent and sensible cooling analysis, lighting and appliance audit, and active and passive solar analysis.

HERS Providers throughout the nation use REM/Rate™ software. The software has a User Defined Reference Home feature which enables the HERS provider to create other reference homes (local construction practice, local code) that can be compared to the rated home. It also has an Export Database feature that creates a database of inputs and outputs for statistical analysis, archiving ratings and custom report generation.

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