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VisualDOE 4.0

VisualDOE® 4.0 is a powerful, yet easy-to-use "front end" to DOE2.1E, the industry standard building energy simulation program.

VisualDO® is developed and supported by architects and engineers as a tool for other designers and building scientists to accurately estimate performance of building design alternatives. VisualDOE® covers all major building systems including lighting, daylighting, HVAC, water heating, and the building envelope. Among the wide range of simulation results are electricity and gas consumption, electric demand, and utility cost. Hourly results are available for detailed analysis. Energy calculations for LEED® certification is a common application.

VisualDOE® is packaged with the latest version of DOE2.1E from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. VisualDOE® takes care of writing the input file, running the simulation and extracting the results from the output file. No experience with DOE2.1E is necessary, but advanced users have the flexibility to modify the input files directly and still run the simulations from within VisualDOE®.

VisualDOE Version 4.0

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